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We are All Exiles Passing Through the World on our Way Home.
How are We Called to Live?
A Human Centered Universe vs. a God Centered Universe?

Please enjoy my musings in each of the articles below. Each entry was born of a desire to comment on a main-stream media contemporary opinion article that should be of interest to us all; but to comment on it from a biblical Christian perspective, or as I like to say, a biblical Christian worldview.

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"I was Wrong About Trump Voters" (Mea Culpa from Bret Stephens?)

Bret Stephens (New York Times - July 21, 2022): I Was Wrong About Trump Voters

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How our Culture Reacts to the Reversal of Roe v Wade

Molly Roberts (Washington Post - June 24, 2022): My Pregnancy was Unlucky. My Abortion Wasn't.

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What are We to Do with David French?

David French (Atlantic - August 19, 2022) - The Case for Trump is Getting More Radical Every Year

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