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"I was Wrong About Trump Voters" (Mea Culpa from Bret Stephens?)

Bret Stephens (New York Times - July 21, 2022): I Was Wrong About Trump Voters

It's the rare occasion when I am complimentary about the New York Times, but this is one of those occasions. Eight of their opinion writers were invited (or commanded?) to write a column describing a time when they may have misjudged a situation; a time when their biases may have blinded them to a truth that with time, perhaps, made them look a little silly.

Of the eight writers who took part, three of them I rarely read, three I occasionally read, and two I regularly read, and one of those two, Bret Stephens, made my day with an admission that reaffirmed my belief in humankind, at least a little bit. It has to do with his characterization of the supporters of candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Let me give some background.

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