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What are We to Do with David French?

David French (Atlantic - August 19, 2022) - The Case for Trump is Getting More Radical Every Year

No sooner had I published my opinions about the 'Mea culpa' of New York Times Op-Ed columnist Bret Stephens that another favorite pundit of mine, David French, weighed in on the same topic. I say David French is a favorite of mine. By that I mean that I consider him a gifted writer and lawyer, with great experience in religious legal affairs and the fog of war, and a devout Christian who I consider a mentor when he writes about his biblical Christian faith. But he has a blind spot that frustrates me to no end. He is oblivious to what I describe as the 'cold civil war' that already exists, and his failure, like Bret Stephens, to truly understand the populist 'American' mindset and what its followers hope to achieve through supporting Donald Trump.

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