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The Holy Spirit called me to write a book that would describe my spiritual journey while incarcerated in a Federal Prison Camp. In November of 2018, in wonderful collaboration with a small firm called Christian Faith Publishing, In God We Trust – Further Along the Spiritual Journey of a Patriotic, Christian Convict, was published.

Working now with Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, I have published a second book titled, The Biblical Christian Worldview – 2016. It will be, God willing, the first in a series of books depicting life in the United States of America and its ever-changing culture. In them, I will attempt to articulate how biblical Christians should act toward, and react to, the world in which we live. 

Written approximately five years after the fact, each book will have the benefit of hindsight in analyzing complex issues, but not the depth of historical context that can only come years later. The themes I choose to discuss come from a daily journal I started writing seven years ago. Each theme was at the forefront of the news cycle and provided a stark reminder of where our national psyche resided at the time.

I am a confessing news junkie, absorbing online news daily from the entire political spectrum. With the advent of new paywall platforms that allow individual thinkers to both share their thoughts (unencumbered by biased editors) and make a living, the availability of original analysis from every worldview perspective has never been greater.

I emphasize worldview perspectives as a way to help clarify our complex society and culture. Too many of us get caught up in the moment or an issue important to us. We never stop to think about how it fits into our worldview or if we even think about that at all.

There are multiple Christian worldviews as there are multiple secular worldviews. Here I define the Biblical Christian Worldview to mean one that believes the story told in the Bible is the definitive depiction of God’s character and will, and that it is timeless. It is the supreme source of truth and contains no errors.

I believe our nation is in dire need of a Christian revival, and I’m praying that this book series can play some small part in that effort. The enemy uses complexity to confuse people, and I’m hoping I can make the complex more understandable from the perspective of a biblical Christian worldview.

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