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What is a Colson Fellow, and Why Should You Become a Colson Fellow?

A Letter from the Program’s National Director, S. Michael Craven


In 1999, Chuck Colson wrote that “We live in a culture that is at best morally indifferent. A Culture in which Judeo-Christian values are mocked and where immorality in high places is not only ignored but even rewarded in the voting booth. A culture in which violence, banality, meanness, and disintegrating personal behavior are destroying civility and endangering the very life of our communities…weary, we are tempted to withdraw into the safety of our own sanctuaries, to keep busy by plugging into every program offered by our megachurches, hoping to keep ourselves and our children safe from coming desolation.”

Years later, the conflict has only intensified. It was out of this concern that the Colson Fellows Program was born. Who amongst us isn’t concerned that our culture is rapidly abandoning its philosophical moorings and the distinctively Christian ideas that have contributed to both the propagation of the Christian faith and unprecedented human flourishing? Suffice it to say, our culture is abandoning truth in favor of ideas that always and everywhere do harm to the human person and society.

It is our love of God and neighbor that compels us to act on behalf of humanity and the world by protecting what is good, opposing what is harmful, providing what is absent, and restoring what is broken for the glory of God. The Colson Fellows Program will help you better understand the times so you will know how to live and what to do.

Why become a Colson Fellow? Because the world needs you!

And a word from P.B.


I am the director of the New England Cohort of the Colson Fellows Program. Rather than trying to summarize the details of the program here, I direct you to the Colson Fellows website for information that I hope will cause you to give serious consideration to participating in the program. God bless!

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