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I was in shock. One day, I was running my own business, with my family and myself as the majority shareholders. The next day, I was someone looking at my business from the outside, facing criminal charges and possible jail time. I was also witnessing all of my hard-earned assets disappear into a legal morass over which I had zero control. And it was all due to what was certainly an error in judgment, but nothing that was criminal as defined by the statutes of the United States government.


My wife and I were not prepared, however, for how God would turn this tragedy into triumph. After much prayer and soul searching, we decided the best course of action was to plead guilty to one felony charge and let God take over from there. It was a decision we will never regret. I experienced a seventy-week adventure in a federal prison camp that propelled my walk with God to levels I wish I had attained many years earlier. In prison, I teamed up with some of the fi nest and most mature Christians I have ever met. We cultivated our own church, expanded each other's Biblical knowledge, and helped other inmates find salvation through the loving grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.


This book describes in detail, month by month, my experiences in prison and my growing Christian worldview. I examined each month's current events in the world and reflected on how Christians might react to them. My growing biblical knowledge strengthened my prayer life, and my conversations with the Holy Spirit convinced me that part of my Christian mission was to share with the world what you will read in this book.


In God We Trust is not just for Christians but also for anyone who is curious and wants to understand the Christian worldview. In America, we live in a nation divided by worldviews, and often those arguing for their cause have no clue how the other side thinks. I hope this book helps bridge that gap.

In God We Trust

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