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Encouraging thinking Americans to develop and nurture a Biblical Christian Worldview...

You were created by God for a purpose. Do you know your purpose?

Do you know that God has bestowed upon you certain gifts; gifts that will help you reach your destiny?

God has designed you for a special role - until you discover what that role is,

you will never truly be content.

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A Biblical Christian Worldview may be the Foundation you are seeking;

Foundation to help you find your purpose, your destiny, your role.


Who is P.B. Turner

P.B. Turner is a life-long business entrepreneur who has found his purpose in life: spreading the Biblical Christian Worldview among all those with eyes to read and ears to listen. He is authoring books and essays that look at our recent past and ask these basic questions: How should Biblical Christians react to the pluralistic, secular, post-modern world in which we live? How should Biblical Christians comport themselves in the 'public square' of ideas?

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